Email Funnel

Email funnels are a dynamic sequence of email messages that allow you to set up and send the email messages over a certain period of time, to a specific group of customers. 

1Click the "+" icon in "Add Component". Select "Email Funnels". 

2Name the Email Funnel as you desire. 

3. Then you will have to choose the mailing lists. You can either create a new list or select an existing list by clicking ‘show option outside project.’

4. There are 4 main functions that can be used for email funnels: Add Source, Add Email, Add Filter and Add Action. They can be found by right clicking anywhere on the email map page. 

5. Each function can be connected to another. Such as “Email” to “Filter and “Filter” to “Action.” To connect the functions, simply click the “Next” node on the main function, which creates a "green" link. Then connect that link to any function you wish. 

6. You can also set up the delay option of each connection. For example, you can send the email 1 day after a new subscriber is added to the source and the next email can be sent out 2 days after he clicks the link in the email message. To do this, just click on the green link and the "Delay Time Setting" will pop up.

7. To remove the function from the Email Funnel, click the bottom left "Bin" Icon. Click the "Pencil" icon on the bottom right to edit the function. 

8Add Source –  allows you to select the mailing list or source, which is the target of the email funnel. You can select several mailing lists and also define the subscribers of the selected mailing lists based on specific criteria. This means that only the ones who match the criteria will receive the email messages:

-are the affiliate of the campaign, or campaigns

-are owning the product or products

-are having the membership level or levels

-are located in

-have cancelled the membership level or levels

9Add Email – Add email to create the email message that you want to send to the subscribers who match the condition of the "add source".

10Add Filter –  allows you to further select the subscribers for a more specific target, to add people to the source or to send the email message to a specific niche. 

11Add Action –  is used to set up the following process of the subscribers who have read, clicked or been filtered. It is an optional process and is the last process of the email funnel. 

12. After you have completed your email funnel, make sure to click ‘Activate Changes’ at the top right hand corner to go live.