Buy A New Domain

Before you can buy the domain, you need to make sure that you have enough credits in your account. Click here to add credits to your account.

A domain costs $11.5 per year. Note that every newly purchased domain is hosted with FusionHQ host server by default.

Also, you must fill in the firstname, lastname, email address, physical address and telephone number correctly at the Account Settings found at the top right corner of every FusionHQ page. It will be used as the reference details of the domain owner in the database. Once everything is set, please follow the steps below.

1. Click the icon on the upper right hand corner of your page and select Integrations.

2. Click Create Profile.

3. Select Domains.

4. Make sure that the Type is normal. Then enter your desired domain name at the field box and click Create Profile button.

5. If the domain is available, the Buy Domain button will show up. Click the button to buy the domain.

6. After that, it shows that the domain is being registered. Click the pencil icon to edit the domain.

7. Click the Verify my domain button to verify or add the domain to your account. No need to worry about the DNS. The name servers have been set to FusionHQ automatically.

8. Once the domain is verified, your domain is now ready to use.

1. After your domain is added & verified to your FusionHQ account, go back to your project.

2. Select the Sales Funnels or Content Site.

3. Select Site Options which is on the top right corner.

4. Go to Hosting tab and at the Verified Hosting, select the verified domain from the dropdown. Then save change.

5. Click Upload icon which is also on the top right corner to make your site live.

6. After your website is uploded, you will see the url of your website or your sales funnel / content site.

Last update: Nov 30, 2015